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Activities of Agency Avis 03, organized as a classic family business, are focused on the development of a wide range of investment projects, business and marketing plans and other services in the field of business consulting. Due to wealthy experience and highly professional staff,our projects are finished professionally and timely. Agency’s policy is to provide the most professional business services. At any moment,our expert team is able to answer on all of our client’s needs and demands, providing the necessary information and advice. Satisfied customer is our success. Our main strength is a blend of experienced experts and young professionals, who are constantly following the trends of modern financial and consulting operations.

You come up with an idea, and we will take care of everything else.


We are constantly improving our own competences in order to provide the best quality services in financial, business and investment consulting services. In that way, our client’s long-term operations are improved.


Our vision is to become the leaders in the region, especially in the field of consulting services, by meeting the business needs of its customers and providing them superior service, in accordance with ethical business principles.


We are a small team of very dedicated professionals

  • Owner and CEO

    MSc of Economics

    Dragan Arsić

  • Consultant and financial analyst

    MSc of Economics

    Stefan Arsić

  • Consultant and marketing manager

    MSc of Politics

    Nataša Arsić

  • External advisor

    PhD of Economics

    Dragoslav Jokić

In accordance with project realization, Agency engages external collaborators


Agency services

  • Business plan

    A business plan is a document that specifies the direction of future business affairs of the entity for a specified time period. The document in detail describes the business, management, product or service as well as strategies for achieving the goals. It is a necessary document in terms of harmonization of business relations, independent from the nature of business activities, (both, small and large, profitable and non-profitable enterprises). Purpose of the business plan can be both internal and external nature. The purpose of a business plan, drawn up for internal needs is to set clear objectives and courses of action for the management in order to achieve their business goals in the most efficient manner. On the other hand, the purpose of externally oriented business plan is to assure the viability, effectiveness and efficiency of a given project for potential creditors and other business partners.

    Avis Agency is writing various business plans (Methodology of the Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia, European Commission, US Government, specific methodologies of commercial banks and individual investors....) regardless of the organizational form of business entity: sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, corporations... all in accordance with current or planned business activity. Many years of business experience resulted in the creation of hundreds of successfully implemented business plans. Field of our work is related to a various industries: production (industry, manufacturing, agriculture), trade (retail, wholesale...), services (tourism, catering, recycling...). In general, we are capable to meet any business idea of our clients.

  • Business consolidation

    The crisis is a significant decline in performance of business activities of an enterprise. At the beginning, it is reflected in declining liquidity, profitability and solvency. The reasons for crisis can be due to internal (inadequate management, inadequateorganizational structure, obsolete technology, inadequate technological processes...) and external nature (general strengthening of competition, decline in economic activity on the national and international level, long-term decline in demand due to the general decline of social standards...). Business consolidation is a complex process which aims the financial recovery of the company. This project includes a number of activities:

    - Improving the financial health of the company
    - Improving the market position of the company
    - Improving the organizational structure and processes
    - Transition of the business portfolio

    The agency Avis has implemented numerous successful programs of financial consolidation. So far, we have provided a series of relevant analysis to our clients that we are a real turning point in terms of achieving the main function of existence, the proper organization and creating a business activity that leads to the maximization of profits and increased value.

  • Company

    Company registration is the process where a new company, regardless of the legal form, is founded. It is being conducted in Business Registry for a specific country. In this Registry, legal changes and closure of enterprises are also being conducted. Avis Agency conducts founding, changes and closing of all forms of enterprises (sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, corporations...).

  • Consulting

    Consulting is an interactive, continual process which helpsmanagers to improve their business performance through the analysis of the current position, creation of appropriate development plans and their operationalization. Bearing in mind that small and medium enterprises often don’t have enough resources for hiring a professional management, assistance to entrepreneurs in this area is very valuable and often quite unavoidable.

    Avis is a dynamic consulting company which, by following the newest and most successful businesses in national and global economy, helps its clients to improve their operations. Having in mind the significance of this service, we are trying to carefully listen, follow, analyze and improve short – term and long – term operations of our clients in financial and management area.

  • Marketing plan

    Marketing plan is a document that refers to a situation in which enterprise is located in the field of market. It analyzes the consumers, competition and the external environment and it contains the instructions for the realization of the set goals.It also defines marketing campaign activities and the allocation of resources in a given period. The core analysis in the marketing plan is the 4P concept (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

    As part of our service portfolio, we are creating marketing plans and developing marketing strategies regardless of the size and industry. Together with our clients, we create their production/service portfolio that is consistent with a very demanding consumer market. Thanks to the analysis, we have seen that our clients have made very successful penetration of existing and new markets.

  • Due diligence projects

    U savremenom poslovanju procena vrednosti kapitala privrednog subjekta i realno tržišno valorizovanje istog intenzivno dobija na značaju, imajući u vidu činjenicu da se procena odnosi na vrednovanje brojnih faktora koji utiču na vrednost. Značaj poznavanja vrednosti preduzeća od strane njihovog vlasnika proizilazi iz ciljeva vrednosti kapitala, a to su :

    - Determining the real market value of the enterprise,
    - Determination of the basic values and deviations of this value for the purpose of sales,
    - Determining the selling price of a legal entity in bankruptcy process.

    Avis Agency has conducted a numerous plans, related to enterprise value and in accordance with the mentioned objectives and business ethics.


Many years of experience resulted in successful realization of hundreds of projects from all business areas, on national and European level.


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Our clients about us

Working with AVIS 03 is always a pleasure. They completely fulfilled our expectations in all given consultancy services in previous years.


Miroljub Ognjanovic

Neša Komerc d.o.o., Svilajnac

AVIS 03 team, with Mr. Arsic as the leader, successfully raised 2.500.000 euros for our company.


Zoran Milosavljevic

Fili d.o.o., Svilajnac

After consultancy project, which goal was to improve business operations in our company is conducted, our company really improved its operations and increase business activity.


Miloš Jovanovic

Coco-Riko d.o.o., Svilajnac

Business consolidation, conducted by the AVIS 03 completely turned around our business performances and ensured sustainable growth and development of our company.


Njegomir Kilibarda

Hotel Šumadija d.o.o., Beograd

According to the agreement, Mr Arsic with his team, provided capital for our investment.


Danijel Cirkovic

Forest food d.o.o., Kruševac

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